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Computer and IT Courses

No.Course CodeCourse NameDuration in MonthsDuration in HoursEligibility
1DP00DCADiploma in Computer Application (DCA)1272010TH
2ADP00CAAdvance Diploma in Computer Application (ADCA)1272012TH
3DP000ITDiploma in Information Technology (DIT)1272012TH
4DP0COMPSDiploma in Computer Software636012TH
5DPCOMPRODiploma in Computer Programming636012TH
6DPCOMLANDiploma in Computer Languages636012TH
7CR0OFAUTCertificate in Office Automation318010TH
8CR0OFFASCertificate of Office Assistance318010TH
9CR0BASCOMCertificate of Basic Computer318010TH
10CR0COMMGCertificate Computer Manangement3180N/A
11CR0BSTALLYCertificate Course in Tally318012TH
12CR0PHOTOSCertificate Course in Photoshop318010TH
13CR0AUTOCDCertificate Course in Auto-CAD318010TH
14CR0CORELDCertificate Course in Corel Draw318010TH
15CR0DIGIDGCertificate Course in Digital Designing318010TH
16CR0PHPBSCertificate Course in PHP318012TH
17CR0JAVABSCertificate Course in JAVA318012TH
18ACR0WEBTAdvance Certificate in Web Technology3180N/A
19ADP0WEBTAdvance Diploma in Web Technology3180GRADUATION
20CR0OFF07Certificate in MS Office 20073180N/A
21CR0OFF13Certificate in MS Office 20133180N/A
22CR0OFF17Certificate in MS Office 20173180N/A
23DP0WEBDESDiploma in Website Designing636012TH
24CR0IECOMCertificate in Internet and E-Commerce3180N/A
25CR0DIGILITCertificate in Digital Literacy160N/A
26CR0ECOMMCertificate in E-Commerce160N/A
27DP0AUTCADDiploma in Auto CAD3180N/A
28CR0CDESDCertificate in Civil Design and Development318012TH
29CR0CLDCOMPCertificate in Cloud Computing318012TH
30ACR0CLDCOAdvace Certificate in Clound Computing636012TH
31CR0ANDROPCertificate in Android Operation318012TH
32ACR0ADRDEVAdvance certificate in Android Development636012TH
33ACR0ETHHACAdvance Certificate in Ethical Hacking318012TH
34ACR0CYBSECAdvance Certificate in Cyber Security636012TH
35ADP0DTPDAdvance Diploma in Destop Publishing and Designing636012TH
36CR0FINACCCertificate in Financial Accounting Tally318012TH
37ADP0FINACCAdvance Diploma in Financial Accounting636012TH
38ACR0COMACAdvance Certificate in Company Accounts3180GRADUATION
39ACR0GRDESAdvance Certificate in Graphic Designing318012TH
40ADP0IATXCertificate in Industrial Accounting and Taxation3180GRADUATION
41ACR0ACADTAdvance Certificate in Accounts and Audit3180GRADUATION
42CR0GRANIMCertificate in Graphic Design and Animation Technology3180GRADUATION
43DP0GRTECHDiploma in Graphic Design and Animation Technology6360GRADUATION
44ADP0CSEAdvance Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering636012TH
45DO0COMMDiploma in Computer Multimedia6360GRADUATION
46CR0JAVAB1Certificate in JAVA318012TH
47CR0ORSQLCertificate in ORACLE and SQL318012TH
48CR0DBMSCertificate in DBMS3180GRADUATION
49CR0TYHINCertificate in Computer Typing Hindi160N/A
50CR0TYENGCertificate in Computer Typing English160N/A
51CR0UNIXCertificate in UNIX160N/A
52CR0LINUXCertificate in LINUX160N/A
53ADO0VFXAAdvace Diploma in VFX and Animation6360GRADUATION
54CR0WEBDESCertificate Course in Web Design with .Net3180GRADUATION
55CR0WEBPHPCertificate Course in Web Design with PHP3180GRADUATION
56ACR0DIGIMAAdvance Certificate in Digital Marketing and Promotion318012TH
57AD0DIGIMARAdvance Diploma in Digital Marketing and Promotions6360GRADUATION

Online Computer Courses

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