A Register Franchise with Independent Skill Development Mission (Govt Approved & Registered) Reg. Institute Code: ISDM/KAR/2022/236

is a registered institution promoted by leading educationists, corporate heads. SAHAR SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER is actively engaged in all such activities by which students get benefits. Students may be of any stream and of any stage of education. EDA look out the matter of conceptual studies in the schools and colleges and try to deliver the concept. EDA work on the ground level and try to help students to make their study better to best. EHA work in many category of education and look out the student doubts and pain which their feel during the studies. EDA is trying to build up a bridge between the students and teachers and therefore provide training in many sector of education like National Teacher Training (NTT) one year diploma in teaching and e-library and e-books for students who really need to study.

Basically we are educationist and look in the holistic development of child and nurtured it with all ingredients of training and tool used in nurturing is technology. Come close to us with faith and develop a nation building program between nation and yours.

We are also working in the field of Technology

Our Mission & Vision


” To support the students to attain their academic’s goal by delivering innovative; best in class and online training through effective technology and teaching methods and to make learning easy, interactive and employable. “


” To Empower the students in order to built stronger knowledge to make them employable to face any professional challenges in the life. “

Message from Director’s Desk or SAHAR SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTER

Dream and Reach For the Stars A word of advice to our students – the school takes on the responsibility of nurturing children and helps open their minds to the wonders of life. All of you are special and we want you to take pride in achievement. Each job is a self portrait of the person who does it, autograph your work with excellence.

You are to the manor born, so to speak, for you lack for nothing. Think of others who are not as fortunate as you. Learn to excel, value people and individual judgment, be gentle, develop firm opinions, purge your heart of grudges, and work for a better tomorrow. Take pride in what you have, in your school, your city, your nation. Grow up to be responsible citizens. Success cannot be measured by material achievement alone, your contribution to the world and society matters more than what you get out of it.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. “ – Albert Einstein

My message to the Principal, Staff, Students and esteemed Parents of Euro Schools where we say “Euro Pariwar”, is to dedicate to a correct understanding of what education really means and let us all benefit from this understanding.

At the end I would like to thank all the parents who have reposed faith in our institution and the ideals it stands for. Let me assure you that your loved ones are in safe hands. Our staff understands the ethos of the school and help in guiding and encouraging the children and I am sure that the children will make both you and us proud.

Life poses innumerable challenges and the goal of education is to help one to successfully brave through the rough seas of struggle, strife and hurdles. The strength of character developed in this school hold good for the rest of one’s life. A student is made to blossom intellectually, aesthetically, morally and spiritually.

My congratulations, to the students who have allowed themselves to be shaped molded especially at the present time when they face the challenge of a world in turmoil, with so much violence, discrimination and exploitation.

I entreat the Almighty to shower His blessings in plenty upon the staff and students of the school in their efforts.

God Bless You!

Course & Modules / Services

Excuses sound best, to the person who’s making them up. But, life has no place for excuses. Life only has only a little time. All though it will continue to go on, you cannot hold on. And think that every day is promised to you. A promise to live your dream! No one knows what that dream you have. No one cares how disappointing it might have been as you’ve been working toward that dream. But that dream that you’re holding in your mind, is possible. When you run towards your dream, life has a special kind of meaning. A meaning that can give birth to a great person like, late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam did. He did recognize himself at a very early age. He became one of the best scientists and presidents India has ever had.

Popularly known as the missile man, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is one of the most loved personalities in the world. Not only kids but youth loved this missile man due to his playful, generous, giving, caring, and loving nature. The legend has left-back, for us, some really great teachings. Let’s see some of them.

Servies include the care and promotion in life. Development is the part of life and it never stops and thus are services is design in such way that the development will never stoped. Services towards the mankind is the real game changer EDA is the game changer if students take these course and apply online for the upcoming life of progress.

1 National Teacher Training (NTT):

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training is also called as Diploma in NTT is a job-oriented course. A candidate who wishes to teach the students at the Nursery level. The course is offered for a candidate who has completed 10+2 or presently working as a teacher. Diploma in NTT course’s main goal is to train a candidate with some important skills like being patient with children, Keen observing, communication, and other skills. This course is available online as well as offline. The course provides many career opportunities after completion, a candidate can start a career as a teacher in Nursery, Consultant for nurseries, Course coordinator, etc. The duration of the course is one year and it covers all the important topics. A candidate needs to be ambitious towards teaching to master in this course.

2. Pre Foundation Courses:

Course Level

During Std VI : Homi Bhabha / NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM

During Std VII : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM

During Std VIII : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / Ganit Prabhutva

During Std IX : NSTSE / IPM / NSO / iOS / IMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO / Homi Bhabha

During Std X :NTSE / NSTSE / iPM / NSO / iOS / iMO / iOM / NSEJS / PRE RMO.

Course Location


Admission Procedure

Direct Admission to the students scoring over 60 % in the latest School exam/ aptitude test along with personal interview [first come first merit basis]


Minimum percentage requires to appear in our entrance test is 60% in Previous School Exam

Course Fee

For Std VI : Fees One Time: Rs. 25,000 + GST

For Std VII : Fees One Time: Rs. 28,000 + GST

For Std VIII : Fees One Time: Rs. 30,000 + GST

For Std IX : Fees One Time: Rs. 35,000 + GST

For Std X : Fees One Time: Rs. 40,000 + GST

This one year course is ideal for those who wish to start early in their quest to quench the thirst for knowledge and move on towards success in the future competitions at national and international levels. This course emphasizes on:

1. Building strong foundation and imbibing the fundamentals from the very basic to the highest level of competition in Maths and Science enriching their aptitude and scientific temperament.

2. Sharpening logical and analytical thinking and evolving their reasoning and thinking process which make them capable of solving complex problems with ease and confidence.

3. Imparting right Time Management skills that are required to face any competitive exam with maximum output.

4. Comprehensive coverage of the Board syllabus along with additional inputs for the pre-foundation in various scholarship and competitive exams; more importantly for the JEE, Medical-UG and Olympiads.

3. IIT JEE Foundation | JEE Main and JEE Advanced Foundation Courses

What is IIT JEE Foundation?

IIT JEE foundation is a starting point (building block) for JEE aspirants in class 8, 9 and 10. Sometimes also called as “IIT JEE Launching Programs”, the foundation course helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT JEE concepts and topics, ideally from class 11 onwards. The objective of the IIT JEE foundation course is to teach students basic concepts well, efficient time management habits, following a disciplined schedule, improving thinking skills, etc.

The key is, if you don’t understand any topic, don’t leave it. Get your doubts cleared from your teachers; do not keep them pending and piling up. Learning to be inquisitive and visualising concepts is often called “IIT Foundation”.

What are the benefits of the IIT JEE Foundation Course? Advantages of IIT JEE (JEE Main and JEE Advanced) Foundation Course

  • A foundation course is helpful. The study method and approach will help you in building a good base for IIT JEE preparation.
  • When you start preparing early for JEE, like in class 8, 9 or 10, you will always be ahead of your competition, who are planning to prepare for JEE and not executing it. You will be taught about some very basic concepts of important JEE topics which will help you to understand everything in a better way in class 11 and 12.
  • You will learn the value of self-realisation. When you are aware of your objective and goals, early in life, and start working to achieve it, half the battle is won.
  • The teachers will give you the right direction, guidance & support which helps in developing required skills quite early. Foundation courses (generally from class 8–10) help in the development of your IQ, Logical and Analytical Thinking. The aspirants who join them, their basic concepts would be pretty strong.
  • You will also get prepared for JSTSE, NTSE and various Olympiads through the foundation course.

4. Computer Couress

No.Course CodeCourse NameDuration in MonthsDuration in HoursEligibility
1CR0AUTOCDCertificate Course in Auto-CAD318010TH
2CR0CORELDCertificate Course in Corel Draw318010TH
3CR0DIGIDGCertificate Course in Digital Designing318010TH
4CR0PHPBSCertificate Course in PHP318012TH
5CR0JAVABSCertificate Course in JAVA318012TH
6ACR0WEBTAdvance Certificate in Web Technology3180N/A
7ADP0WEBTAdvance Diploma in Web Technology3180GRADUATION
8DP0AUTCADDiploma in Auto CAD3180N/A
9CR0CDESDCertificate in Civil Design and Development318012TH
10CR0CLDCOMPCertificate in Cloud Computing318012TH
11ACR0CLDCOAdvance Certificate in Cloud Computing636012TH
12CR0ANDROPCertificate in Android Operation318012TH
13ACR0ADRDEVAdvance certificate in Android Development636012TH
14ACR0ETHHACAdvance Certificate in Ethical Hacking318012TH
15ACR0CYBSECAdvance Certificate in Cyber Security636012TH
16CR0JAVAB1Certificate in JAVA318012TH
17CR0ORSQLCertificate in ORACLE and SQL318012TH
18CR0DBMSCertificate in DBMS318012TH
19CR0TYHINCertificate in Computer Typing Hindi160N/A
20CR0TYENGCertificate in Computer Typing English160N/A
21CR0UNIXCertificate in UNIX160N/A
22CR0LINUXCertificate in LINUX160N/A
23CR0WEBDESCertificate Course in Web Design with .Net3180GRADUATION
24CR0WEBPHPCertificate Course in Web Design with PHP3180GRADUATION
25ACR0DIGIMAAdvance Certificate in Digital Marketing and Promotion318012TH
26AD0DIGIMARAdvance Diploma in Digital Marketing and Promotions6360GRADUATION

5. Multimedia Courses

No.Course CodeCourse NameDuration in MonthsDuration in HoursEligibility
1CR000AADCertified Advanced Animator & Developer12720No formal qualification
2AD000DMAAdvance Diploma in Multimedia & Animations*24144010+2
3AD000D3AAdvance Diploma in 3D Animation*1272010+2
4D0000MLTDiploma in Multimedia*1272010th
5D0000IATDiploma in Industrial Animation Training1272010+2
6D00000DDDiploma in Digital Designing*636010th
7CR000MMACertificate in Multimedia & Animation*6360No formal qualification
8CR000IATCertificate in Industrial Animation Training*6360No formal qualification
9CR000PRMCertificate in Printing Media*3180No formal qualification
10CR000DTPCertificate in Deskop Publishing*3180No formal qualification

3. Hardware and Networking Courses

No.Course CodeCourse NameDuration in MonthsDuration in HoursEligibility
1CR0LAPREPCertificate in Laptop Reparing & Maintanance318012TH
2CR0PREPSCertificate Course in Printer Repairing & Servicing3180N/A
3ACR0HRDNETAdvance Certificate in Hardware and Maintanance636012TH
4ACR0NETWAdvance Certificate in Networking636012TH
5DP0HARDNETDiploma in Hardware and Networking636012TH
6ACRCLENGAdvance Certificate in Chip-Level Engineering (Laptop)636012TH
7ADP0HRDNAAdvance Diploma in Hardware and Neworking Professional1272012TH

4. Soft Skill Courses

No.Course CodeCourse NameDuration in MonthsDuration in HoursEligibility
1SC00ENLSkill Certificate in Enligh Language3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
2SC00ENSSkill Certificate in Spoken English150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
3SC00FRLSkill Certificate in French Language3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
4AC0SSPDAdvance Certificate in Soft Skills and Personality Development3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
5AC0CMBDAdvance Certificate in Communication and Body Language3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
6AC0MRSKAdvance Certificate in Marketing Skills3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
7AC0SIGMAAdvance Certificate in 6 Sigma3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
8AC0MGMSAdvance Certificate in Managerial Skills3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level
9AC0ENTSKAdvance Certificate in Entrepreneural Skills3150No Formal Qualification Required/Basic IQ Level

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