How to Register Computer Institute

How to Register Computer Institute

Register/Start/Setup/Affiliate Computer Institute/Computer Center/Computer Training Institute

Affiliation of Computer Institute Process of Register Newly Computer Institute

Points to be Remember

Infrastructure Required

  1. How to Register Computer Institute in your city/state/place– For starting any computer institute you arrange following things. After getting below information you will able to know How to Register Computer Institute
  2. Place with minimum 300-500 square feet.
  3. Planned infrastructure for theory room, practical lab, reception, washroom (for male and female), library

Select the course you want to run, you can divide the course in following category;

  1. Computer course
  2. Professional IT Courses
  3. Multimedia Courses
  4. Job Oriented Courses
  5. Fashion Design Courses
  6. Art and Craft Courses
  7. Health and Fitness and Yoga Courses
  8. Fire and Safety Courses
  9. Technical Courses

Hire a Trainer

You have to arrange the good trainers to teach the students. ISDM will provide a operational manual and guide to hire a good trainer in your area.

Branding and Promotion

You need to prepare the Branding Material for branding of your computer institute/computer center. If you will prepare the branding then it will be helpful for quick promotion.

Franchise Affiliation

YAffiliation for Computer Institute: Computer training institute must have the relevant government affiliation to run the courses. You can register your own society. You will have to register from various govt department for legal aspects to run your institute. Total expenses of government affiliation is around 100000/- to 150000/- and estimated time is around 3-4 months.

If you don’t have such budget then you can go with ISDM Computer education franchise. You can register with ISDM computer institute franchise and you can start your computer institute

Process or Affiliation / Steps of Registering Computer Training Institute

Select the Proper Location for Institute

Firstly, you should have a good location where easy travel available for the students. Once you final the location then you can go for further Process. You should remember the following things when you select the training center location:
1. Select the City Village or Block
2. Select the Appropriate Market
3. Aware about Parking, Partition, Infrastructure Facility.

Search and Select the Franchise Partner

Secondly, Franchise Partnership is the cheapest way to start Computer Education Institute/Training Center. You will find the ISDM Franchise on Google and many search platforms. You can contact with ISDM Executives for your Franchise Proposal or You can send your details for asking about franchise proposal of Click Here

Online Franchise Registration & Upload the Documents

Afterwards, You must register your training center online for becoming the member of ISDM Computer Education Franchise/Computer Institute Franchise.
In another words we can say this is the govt recognised computer institute franchise registration for your Institute. You can register your Computer Institute/Training Center/Computer Center Free. ISDM takes nominal franchise fees towards franchise registration.
Registration Link:

Select the Franchise Package & Payment

At last, You would have to select the Franchise Pack according to your convenience. You can become a Franchise Partner as:
1. Regular Franchise
2. District Master Franchise
3. State Master Franchise
There is an investment of Rs.500/- to 100000/- for starting/Registering/affiliation of your computer Institute. You can Visit this page to get the details of all Franchise Plans/Business Plan for Computer Institute.
You must payment online by your debit card/credit card/wallet for completing your franchies registration.

Receive a Welcome Kit

Finally, You will get your Membership Certificate, Branding Material, Operational Material and Other Material in Your Welcome Kit. You can download the all material Instantly after Franchise Registration.

Do Not prefer Free Franchise, Select Genuine and Valid Brand. You should aware about some other points.

  • Any society/company/trust is compulsory for running computer training institute
  • If you have none of these then you can take franchise of good brand.
  • ISDM is the leading brand of computer education franchise.How to Register Computer Training Institute, How to start Computer Training Center
  • Many people ask “Can we run the courses with registering the society/ngo”, the answer is “No”. you cant run the courses only with ngo registration. You must have to register your course and course plan from ministry of MHRD or equal-ant because certificate from ngo, societies are not valid until the courses are approved from various govt departments.
  • Before taking of franchise of any brand please confirm that the franchise brand must have registered with valid entity.
  • ISDM is the government registered and approved computer education training institute brand in India. ISDM is approved from All govt departments and ministries to valid certification of students in various government department. ISDM can run the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year diploma courses.

Register Your Institute Now

Register Computer Training Institute

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