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Computer Center Franchise – At a Glance

Best Computer Institute Center Franchise 2021, Best Offer Franchise

The Computer Center Franchise is a business model. This model is purely made for computer training institutes. Computer training institutes who have not a government affiliation. The Institutes who don’t have a license. They don’t know, how to start and run a computer education center? These institutes can go for a franchise. Franchise means the plug and play business model. Everything is ready-made and ready to go. If you have the franchise then you will not have to go anywhere. Therefore you don’t need to apply from any other govt department.

The franchise model is also beneficial for startups. Startups who have not enough experience to run and manage the training institutes. You will get an experienced team, who guide you on every aspect, i.e. marketing, admissions, student’s satisfaction, certification, accounts, training, etc, that’s why the institutes prefer with computer institute franchise.

Computer Center Franchise can be described for two different institutes

  • Franchise for new computer training institutes. Institute who are starting their business and want to register their institute.
  • Franchise for existing computer training and vocational training centers who are running their organization but they want to growth

You should follow this table to understand better

Computer Center Franchise
Franchise for New Computer Institutes
Existing Computer& Vocational Training Institutes


Franchise Registration and Affiliation / Govt Affiliation / License Yes Yes/Upgrade
Infrastructure Setup Yes No
Course Design Yes Upgrade
Marketing Yes Yes
Counseling Training Yes Upgrade
Training Management Yes No/Upgrade
Appoint a Trainer Yes No/Upgrade
Learning Material Yes No/Upgrade
Learning Evaluation Yes No/Upgrade
Certification Yes Upgrade
Revenue Model Yes Upgrade
Placement Tie-Ups Yes Upgrade


Which is the legal Computer Center Franchise & How to Identify?

Before you start, you should learn about the legal aspects of the franchise. This is the first and important task to identify the good franchise partner and it’s legality. You can check the legal certificates like registration certificate, working experience, testimonials, etc. Also, search the record of franchise partners on any government portal which describes the validity of the franchiser’s organization. You must go with the franchise partner who has the experience of a minimum of 5 years in training and development. 

Following things to be checked before you opt any franchise-

  • Organization Registration Proof and other awards like ISO Certificate etc.
  • Organization’s record on any government portal.
  • Organization’s past experience in Computer Education, training and placements.
  • The placement record of an organization with a minimum placement ratio of 50%.
  • Service quality of the organization. 

“Dont opt any Computer Center Franchise on the basis of offering Startup Kit, Welcome Kit, Student Kit, Book, Beg, Pen, I Card or any other bogus things. These are the manageable things could be got from everywhere. Dont attract by any free computer education scheme, free training scheme or government project franchise. Just follow the course quality and standards, learning methods, back support, marketing support and placements because good management placement is the key of success.”


Need of Infrastructure for Computer Training Institute franchise

Training Institutes needs to setup the following infrastructure

  • Reception
  • Classroom
  • Lab
  • Pantry
  • Director’s Cabin
  • Trainer/Staff Room
  • Parking Area

Other things to be set up for ideal computer training institute

  • Branding
  • Display Board
  • Attendance System
  • Trainer’s monitoring and evaluation system
  • Student’s monitoring and evaluation system
  • Counseling and Inquiry Management

How to earn a good profit with a Computer Center Franchise?

Before starting, One thing to be realized that the revenue of a computer training center or institute depends on the number of students. Complete revenue comes from students. Students are our core customers. The main thing is to satisfy the student with quality training and education by giving them proper training, time, attention and taking the feedback from them from time to time. Institutes must improve their services continuously.

The student will pay the fees only when he will get some unique training methods and after course services. Placement is the need of today. Institutes must have the placement tie-ups with corporate to increase the number of students at their institutes. 

You can charge more or extra fees if you provide the placement to your students. So ultimate if you will able to place your students then you will win the game.  

How much can be earn with Computer Center Franchise?

It depends on your franchise partner. You can earn from 10000 to 500000 per month with the computer center franchise business. Training of Trainer, Quality of Education, Placement Assistance and many things affect the income of Institutes.


What is the Free Computer Center Franchise? Should you go with free franchise schemes?

When we say the ‘franchise’, we say the lifetime business model. You should go with nominal fees with good management and genuine franchiser rather than a free franchise. Paid franchise model is performing good in comparison to the free franchise model.

You should avoid the free education franchise model because these model not actually free, they ask for paying many charges on the name of many heads later. You can go with ISDM Computer Center Franchise which is almost free and the nominal processing fee.

ISDM Computer Center Franchise

People ask us how to start a new computer training center, what is Computer Center Franchise, what is a computer institute franchise, how can we register new computer center and computer institute franchise computer center franchise register new computer center. Here is the answers of all questions

Placement is basic need of every training institute, college, business school and institute who are running government projects. The organization who are searching for computer institute franchise or computer institute franchise must have a look at ISDM portal. You can double your business worth with our Portal.

Register your training center on ISDM open placement portal and start the training using features of isdm like online test, online result, create your course online, monitor your trainer’s performance etc. There are many more unique features available on ISDM. More than 500 institutes are using ISDM all over India.

How to get Computer Institute Franchise free

ISDM offer high-class computer institute franchise having world-class infrastructure for students. The complete online education system for our computer institute franchise. After registration of new computer center, you must take a franchise of isdm. You can grow your business because we offer placement to all our franchise institutes.


Turn your Institute SMART with our Computer Center Franchise

Make your computer center smart with our computer center franchise, we have the latest tools and techniques to teach our students. With our computer center franchise, you can double your profit because we give placement services for educational institute, that’s why our computer center franchise is India’s best computer center franchise network

Low-cost computer education franchise

ISDM is presenting franchise at very low cost, we are doing all operations online thats why our franchise available at very low cost but it has best option value for money. isdm is india's best low cost computer education franchise and computer institute franchise

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Master Franchising for State and District Level

Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand

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