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About Research & Development Cell

Research associated Development cell is an integral a part of the activities of ISDM (Independent Skill Development Mission). This wing is one in all the wings of the Institute that facilitates, channelizes, records, and regulates all the academic, sponsored, collaborative research projects and consultancy works in the Institute. In a world more and more propelled by technology, academic research forms the mainspring of a nation’s economic growth. ISDM aspires to rework the lives of young budding engineers through their innovative concepts to contribute for analysis at the tutorial level. ISDM is closely operating with core industries to coach the scholars during this direction. This objective is terribly near to the point of the center of the business within the direction of manufacturing ready to use engineers. The key goal of the Institute is to produce a resourceful atmosphere during which higher studies and analysis thrive amongst the school and students. It also promotes and manages Institute-Industry interaction.

ISDM Research and Development Wing is formed with the following aspects:

  • To work closely with the commercial wants that eventually can lead to a new or improved product, processes, systems or services that may increase the company’s productivity.
  • To foster collaborations for mutual advantages and to maximize Industrial property.
  • To establish collaboration with alternate universities, public and private sectors and identify R&D projects including consultancy services which could be undertaken at the institution.
  • To promote analysis in various departments of the Institute.
  • To ensure swish functioning and effective Management of R&D at the establishment

Our Latest Research Papers

  • Roles of Women in Entrepreneurship Development with special reference of Madhya Pradesh.

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