Diploma in Interior Design Technology

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Here is complete details about the course, contents, duration, eligiblity and other important aspects. Every student will get the ‘Student Kit’. You can see the list of facilities in Student KIt below.

About Course: Certificate Course in Diploma in Interior Design Technology

It is a professional Diploma in Interior Design Technology Course. You get complete knowledge about Diploma in Interior Design Technology in this course. This course covers all the basic operations of Interior Design Technology.

Scope: You can become Interior Design Technology Professional in any organization after doing this course. Many of Govt Department essential to have a certificate of this course to be eligible for job. You can make a career as  Interior Designer.

ISDM Course Plan

Diploma in Interior Design Technology
Course Code:   DP00INTR Eligibility: No Format Qualification
Duration in Months: 6 Duration in Hours: 350



  • Candidate should have basic computer knowledge
  • Candidate should have familiar with colors, design and architecture
  • Candidate should have basic drawing skills


Subject 1


Fundamentals of Interior

·         Chapter 1 Starting an Interior Project

·         Chapter 2 Project Management

·         Chapter 3 Drawing Basics

·         Chapter 4 Presentation and Communication


Subject 2


Work on Space

·         Chapter 5 Proportions of a Room

·         Chapter 6 Sequencing Spaces

·         Chapter 7 Types of Rooms

·         Chapter 8 Code and Accessibility


Subject 3 Working on Surface

·         Chapter 9 Color

·         Chapter 10 Material

·         Chapter 11 Texture

·         Chapter 12 Pattern


Subject 4 Working on Enovironments

·         Chapter 13 Natural Light

·         Chapter 14 Artificial Light

·         Chapter 15 Invisible Systems


Subject 5 Elements

·         Chapter 16 Details

·         Chapter 17 Furniture

·         Chapter 18 Elements and Display

Subject 6 Resources

·         Chapter 19 Sustainability Guidelines

·         Chapter 20 Manual Resources

·         Chapter 21 Digital Resources

Subject 7 Design with Auto-CAD


The Basics                  

Module 1 – Exploring the Interface

Module 2 – Creating Your First Drawing

Module 3 – Setting Up and Using the Drafting Tools

Module 4 – Organizing Objects with Blocks and Groups

Module 5 – Keeping Track of Layers and Blocks


Mastering Intermediate Skills

Module 6 – Editing and Reusing Data to Work Efficiently

Module 7 – Mastering Viewing Tools, Hatches, and External References

Module 8 – Introducing Printing, Plotting, and Layouts


Mastering Advanced Skills   

Module 9 – Using Attributes

Module 10 – Copying Existing Drawings from Other Sources

Module 11 – Advanced Editing and Organizing

Module 12 – Laying Out Your Printer Output

Module 13 – Using Dynamic Blocks

Module 14 – Drawing Curves


Assessment Instructions

  • Assessment mode is online.
  • Final assessment will be based on objective type/true-false/matching type questions.
  • Minimum Passing Marks is 50%
  • Student will get 3 credits for re-attempt.
  • Student will get a Certificate of Completion after pass online assessment.
  • Student must have to carry the admit card in exam, issued by the Auth. Training Center.
  • Result will be declared in 24 hours to 1 week after examination.
  • Student can the detailed answer sheet of examination on request.


Practical 75%
Theory 25%

Every Student will get

  • Admission Form and Prospectus
  • Identity Card
  • ISDM E-Library Access
  • Free Registration worth Rs. 2500/- on Job Portal JobFixer for Job Placements
  • Online Classes/Video Lectures with lifetime access (Only in some courses)
  • Certificate of Completion

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